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Sailing Stories

Hvar is not just your average island – it has become a favorite vacation spot for people all over the world due to its natural beauty, rich cultural and historical heritage, first class cuisine and a perfect blend of relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle and luxury that most people can only dream about.

We recommend that you take a break from yachting and cruising and set foot on this island to breathe in its culture.

Here are top 10 reasons why you and your family will fall in love with Hvar during your sailing vacation:

Imagine taking an afternoon nap when suddenly your skipper calls you up on deck as your yacht floats into a picturesque island cove for the afternoon. You and your family enjoy the magnificent view as you watch the warm sun set over the sea while the soft waves slowly slap on your yacht. You are so caught up in the moment that you forgot about the time; when suddenly the smell of delicious seafood dinner cooking in the kitchen wakes you from your daydream.