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Want to learn how to sail? Join Danielis Skipper School in Trogir, Croatia

Danielis Skipper School

Hello sailors! Every few years Danielis Yachting organizes a skipper training course. It has been three years now since our last skipper’s training course, and we are hungry to meet some new talents, and new personalities who could join our crew.


Danielis Yachting Skipper School is known as the most economic and non-profit skipper training.


We try to keep the basic knowledge of sailing and skippering available to everyone, and we encourage those who don’t necessarily want to work as a skipper to join us, and work on their skills. That’s why we do not guarantee work, and we think any Skipper school, academy or course which does should be more expensive. However, every time we organize our skipper school we do get a few new talents, which tend to become great skippers in two to three years since the first touch with the boat.


We also have a lot of fun in our school, and we aim to provide a sense of adventure for our ‘students’ by cruising around the islands while the course takes place. This way future skippers get acquainted with ports, bays, marinas and local customs. It’s a week-long sailing journey.

Course is intended to host a wide range of sailors, from absolute beginners to medium experienced who would like to brush and polish their skills, but also learn something new.

Hostess School


This year’s special is that we also organize a school for hostesses, meaning that we plan to have two hostesses on each boat, who will also experience real working conditions, by learning and practicing the basics of their work on deck and preparing meals for all the members of the crew.

Let's Sail! Join us!

More about the details and applications of the Skipper & Hostess School