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Where to Party in Croatia When Sailing: Guide to the Top 10 Croatia Summer Festivals

Over recent years, Croatia has made a name for itself as a hot destination for revellers and ravers. In fact, some have gone so far as to call it the “Ibiza of the Adriatic.” Like Ibiza, Croatia offers tranquil, quiet shores and winding streets to explore by day, and a high-energy crowd to mingle with after dark. In fact, between the months of May and September, there are often more than a dozen festivals organised.

Actually, a lot of party-goers are starting to prefer Croatia to Ibiza. Ibiza is overcrowded and over-commercialised. Croatia on the other hand has retained its unique cultural identity and unspoilt shores. If you charter a boat and sail along the Croatian coastline, you will have the chance to explore thousands of islands. During the day, you can sunbathe or hike, and at night, you can stop off at each of the country’s most famous party destinations.

In fact, which festivals should you plan to catch while you are on your Croatian charter vacation? Here are 10 experiences you simply cannot miss!

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