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Sailing Destinations

Discover Hidden Sailing Paradise - Palmizana

Between Hvar and Vis there is a place called, when translated from Croatian to English “Hells Islands”. This constellation of islands and coves, covered with lush green pine forests resembles the Garden of Eden and has nothing to do with Hell.


We’ve already covered a lot of sailing itineraries like the one from Dubrovnik and from Split and we have showed you why you should choose Croatia for your sailing vacation. But in this article we will try to portray some of the nicest beaches in Croatia in three part series. We also encourage you to share your favorite beach or cove in Croatia that you discovered on our Facebook page and we will feature it in our albums.

Best family friendly sailing destinations

The first entry of our series of family friendly sailing destinations is Milna on the island of Brač in Croatia. 

Family Friendly Sailing Destinations: Island Scedro

Without year round inhabitants and without a power grid Ščedro has fascinated sailors from antiquity. With its lush pine forests that reach all the way down to the sea, and its numerous coves it’s the perfect place to escape.

The bottom of the islands many coves is sand, which makes it a great place to drop anchor and stay at least for one night in solitude and darkens, the only light source being the starry sky and the moon, since there is very few houses due to a ban on construction.

Dubrovnik Sailing Itinerary

After exciting 7 day Dalmatian itinerary full of beautiful islands, partying and fun that started from Split, we prepared a bit different itinerary for you. Join us on unforgettable seven day cruise from Dubrovnik. This fantastic itinerary is full of beautiful islands, national parks and parks of nature, protected UNESCO sites and cultural heritage, rich Greek and Roman culture, and top-notch world class cuisine. This itinerary is perfect for all who want to spend unforgettable sailing vacation with their family and friends. Still not convinced? Take a look at this photos!

5 Reasons Why You Should Sail to Island of Lastovo

The island of Lastovo is a part of the central Dalmatian archipelago. It is located thirteen kilometers south of Korčula which makes it one of the most remote inhabited islands in the Adriatic Sea. We recommend you to charter a yacht in Dubrovnik with Danielis Yachting and sail to Lastovo via Mljet and Korčula.

When the Romans conquered Dalmatia they gave the island the Latin name Augusta Insula meaning "emperors island" because of its natural beauty, green forests, hidden bays, green fields and a number of small islands that surround this island.

If this is not the reason enough, we present you with top 5 reasons to sail to Lastovo island this summer.