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Sailing Destinations

10 Captivating Beaches to Sail to on your Croatian Holiday

The beauty of Croatian coast is known since time immemorial, the Greek who have sailed across the entire Mediterranean found their refuge on the shores of Croatia’s plentiful islands while sailing across the labyrinth of over 1000 islands, islets, and inlets.

There is no denying that when it comes to the beauty of the beaches, it’s best to head south, Dalmatian coast offers a plethora of captivating, dreamlike sea carved stretches of sand and pebbles where you can enjoy the hot Mediterranean Sun and take a swim in a deep azure Adriatic. Here we bring you 10 of the most captivating for you to rediscover.

Complete Guide: Take a Break from Sailing - Visit Krka National Park

Located 12 km northwest of Šibenik lies a magnificent stretch of land which has carved the river Krka into one of the most spellbinding landscapes in the whole of Croatia and further. A sequence of canyons, lakes, waterfalls, and forests painted across the rugged Dalmatian terrain fall under the protection of the Krka National park since 1985. This stretch of Krka valley between the towns of Skradin and Knin is visited by almost a million visitors every day, all falling under the spell of beauty, only comparable by the likes of Plitvice lakes.

Island of Ugljan - Complete Guide

Located just three miles west off the coast of Zadar,  lies the island of Ugljan, one of Croatia's most picturesque islands. Brimming with lush, green bushes and shrubs, covered with olive and pine trees it is also called the green island. 

A finishing post since the ancient times, in recent times the tourism started to flourish and with good reasons to boot. Rich with natural beauties and filled with places of cultural heritage, the island of Ugljan has something to offer for anyone's taste.

Top 5 Distant Croatian Islands to Sail To During Bareboat Yacht Charter

The land of thousand islands truly has a lot to offer, even to an experienced seaman who has sailed its many bays, bested its winds and moored on its many shores. While the many are content with visiting the most populous and famous islands, there are some who wish to put their nautical skills to the test and head out to open waters in search for new experiences and new sights.

If you count as one of them, muster your courage and head out to these five distant pearls of Adriatic who sings the songs of times long past with its untouched shores and witness the nature's power and beauty along the way.

Sailing out

Sailing back from Skradin towards the sea goes by easy thinking and discussing about the beauty we have experienced going upstream, so before you know it – you find yourself at the exit of St. Ante channel with Sibenik city behind your back. There are plenty of choices on where to sail next, 'cause the whole area is filled with litlle towns ready to welcome you on their docks.

Vodice Nighlife: Party Guide for Young Sailors in Croatia

While sailing along the coast of Dalmatia, there are some towns you simply must visit. Surely, one of them is Vodice, a former fishing village turned tourist hub and pleasure center. Located right at the center of Dalmatia, it is a perfect stopping point while sailing along the Croatian coast. During the summer months, this small town of 10.000 inhabitants quadruples in size and attracts people from all over the world while on their Croatian summer vacation, and for a good reason at that.

Vodice is famous for its nightlife and many nightclubs and beach bars, which will have you entertained till the night slowly turns into morning.