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Sailing Cooking and Cousine

Croatian Food Guide: A must try local Dalmatian Food

Winston Churchill once said “The balkans produce more history than they can consume”, that is true in both politics and culture. Paintings fade, architecture crumbles and changes but there is one thing that while it continues to evolve always comes back to its roots in one form or another, that is food.

There are few places on this planet of ours where there is such a variety of cultures influencing the way people eat on such a small parcel of land. Below are just some of the highlights which you have to try while sailing around Croatia. The recipes and names might not be the same everywhere, but that's all part of the charm.

Best restaurants on Dubrovnik sailing itinerary

You have probably read numerous times that Croatian coast is literally heaven for all gourmets who love authentic Mediterranean food. We wrote a detailed itinerary starting from Dubrovnik that you should take. In this article we will expand this route and take you on the gourmet journey through our favorite restaurants on this sailing route. Trust us when we say, these restaurants offer the best of the Adriatic.

When chartering a yacht in Dubrovnik area, you don`t have to sail away too far for a good meal. There are plenty of marvelous restaurants to choose from, which are especially popular with sailors. Here are some of the restaurants we would like to recommend to you

Croatia as no.1 culinary destination

Sailing can be a wonderful experience; you can enjoy your private time, you are not bound by one location, you can enjoy the sea as well as the mainland, but like all forms of traveling are also an excuse to eat quality new food. Sampling the local cuisine of the country you visit, as well as discovering amazing new tastes and smells, is often the most memorable part of the traveling as well as sailing experience.