Cancellation policy and safe yacht charter holidays in times of Covid


It has been 2 years since the start of the pandemics which caused some problems for all involved in the business of yacht charter industry.

Big THANK YOU to all our clients and charter partners for their patience, understanding and flexibility in previous years.

We are proud to say that, so far, none of our clients had lost their money due to cancellation because of Covid related issues.



Although exact cancellation policies due to COVID-19 slightly vary from yacht to yacht, your bookings are safe.

If you can not make it due to COVID, you will be enabled to postpone your charter.

To enable this flexibility, charter management companies and yacht owners introduced the system of 'vouchers' or 'credit notes' which provide flexibility to use the payment for some other period in time.

In general, this fexibility will be provided if the situation matches one of the following criteria:

  • Guests must go to quarantine 7 days or more after their return to homeland despite the negative PCR test
  • Red flag on the country where you plan to sail (Croatia, Greece, or wherever you chartered)
  • Closed borders in the country of origin (if the carrier of the booking ‘the Client’ is coming from a country which has blocked their citizens from travelling)
*The most important thing is to read the particular cancellation policy of the particular yacht you plan to book. Our agents will provide the details on each particular yacht as per your request, as cancellation & payment terms might be slightly different from yacht to yacht.



We strongly encourage our clients to take travel insurance in their home country. We recommend to take insurance against travel cancellation. This is in case any members of the crew become sick close to travel date or they test positive at the time of their travels.

Some yachts offer the possibility of paying a relatively small extra fee, most call it the 'FLEX PACKAGE' which enables the client to cancel only a few days before the trip for whatever the reason and get the full refund. It is one form of insurance. Not all yachts offer this possibility.



Yacht owners and management companies adopted more strict measures concerning hygiene.

All yachts are disinfected after cleaning. Use of ozone disinfection technique is growing, especially on luxurious yachts.

All yachts are ventilated prior to guest’s arrival.

Protective and social distancing measures in the base, during check-in and check-out. Only one person from the whole crew should do the whole procedure at the base.