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Why choose a flotilla sailing holiday?

For those who are keen on sailing and yacht racing, it is not surprising to want to spend summer holidays aboard a yacht, exploring new destinations. For those who don't own their own yacht, the easiest and the cheapest way is to charter a bareboat. In addition, if you are certified to navigate a yacht, but you don't know a particular area or you feel slightly insecure about sailing yourself, joining the flotilla is the best choice you can make.

Flotilla Croatia

The flotilla will usually consist of around 20 yachts and there will also be a lead boat with a very experienced skipper, engineer and hostess who are always on hand for advice and information.

Flotilla sailing is basically a great opportunity to combine a passion for sailing with chartering a yacht and meeting a whole group of other keen sailors. While most days on a flotilla sailing holiday will be spent sailing alone, there is plenty of opportunity to meet new people and hopefully make new friends in the evenings as the flotilla then regroups in a marina or yachts anchor alongside in a bay or small port.

Flotilla sailing holidays are great for families with children of all ages, especially as there is always plenty of time to go snorkeling, swimming and exploring in each new location. This type of holiday is also popular with families where not every member is a real sailing fanatic as there are many other water sports on offer such as windsurfing, water-skiing and every evening each crew is back on dry land for a group meal.

Flotilla Sailing Charter

In addition to the support and guidance provided from the flotilla's lead boat skipper there are typically many pre-arranged entertainment or activities on offer during the holiday. Most flotilla's will do a remote island beach barbecue with competitions such as singing, cocktail making. For younger crew members there are often water sports lessons provided such as for windsurfing.

During the holiday there is also usually a race day where everyone in the flotilla competes on a set course and prizes are awarded at the final night dinner.

Flotillas give a sense of security to those new to sailing or skippering (or who are in an area that's new to them) because the experienced lead crews oversee the sailing and are there in case of any emergency.

Flotillas offer the opportunity for experienced skippers to bring friends and family along for the social side of a sailing holiday, and there is always the option of sailing independently from the flotilla.