Hanse 548

Written by Marin @Danielis on December 17, 2020 in Yacht Reviews

Hanse Yachts has once again delighted all lovers of sailing boats with their new model Hanse 548, a descendant of older version Hanse 545. This company is renowned for building very strong, stiff boats with excellent sailing performance, which also offer high level of comfort and space. Continuing their tradition, Hanse Yachts developed a new model of large sailing yacht that will guarantee the perfect sailing vacations.

Hanse 548

Hanse 548 was first presented at the Cannes Boat Show in September of 2017 and it reached enormous success from the beginning. In 2017 Hanse developed and presented four new models – Hanse 348, Hanse 388, Hanse 418, and Hanse 548. Releasing these four models at the same time is no coincidence because the new series has been inspired by the four main elements – fire, air, water, and earth. The smallest model, Hanse 348 represents air: its equipment guarantees excellent performance to deliver the highest speed in any weather. On the other hand, Hanse 388 is all about ‘fire’ or, in other words, sun. The well-structured large cockpit and the enormous number of portholes under the deck guarantee the flood of sunlight during the whole day. Hanse 418 is indisputably inspired by water: this boat is built with an intention to provide the real sailing experience with its extra-long waterline, optimized hydrodynamic flow conditions, and straight stem.

In the end, the new Hanse 548 is a masterpiece of this new Hanse series and it represents earth with the natural materials and ‘earthly’ colors of the interior. However, with the space and comfort that it offers, a lot of natural light, large sails, and sailing abilities this model unites all four elements into one.

Sailing Hanse 548

Ease of handling

It is interesting that the best-selling Hanse yachts are those above 50 ft in size and this is because Hanse set standards for comfort at sea, but what is more important, it offers extremely comfortable handling with impressive sailing dynamics. This explains the popularity of new Hanse 548 model. The boat is about 16 m long and its design with a self-tacking jib and all lines that lead to the helmsman ensures the easy-handling, so a crew of two can easily maneuver the boat, despite its size. The whole range can be sailed without leaving the cockpit at all.

In order to make the sailing easier, the mainsail is in-mast furling version, as well as auxiliary sail. The large area of the mainsail, 144 m2, takes the lion's share when it comes to catching the wind and by default, there is a smaller self-tacking jib. However, since the design of this boat offers maximum customization, the self-tacking jib can also be replaced by code-0 or larger genoa.

Sailing boat Hanse 548

All the ropes lead to the twin helms that can be adjusted by electrical winches, also placed beside the helms. That enables the skipper to raise the sails directly from the cockpit. Everything he needs is simply to push a couple of buttons and the joy of sailing can begin. Conveniently, there is a lot of storage space for the ropes, just under the helmsman’s feet.

Of course, it is easier to handle a boat of this size at the open sea, but what happens with maneuvering and berthing? Again – it is only necessary to push a couple of buttons and dock without stress with the help of the stern- and bow-thrusters. It can easily leave the berth even when there is very little space to maneuver and it is particularly convenient in cross-wind conditions.

Size matters

Despite this model’s designation – 548 – the boat is in fact about 53 ft long, exactly 16.22 m, but this doesn’t affect the comfort and space that it offers. Because of a vertical transom and a plumb stern, the waterline is in fact the same length as the length of the hull. Although the boats of this size are usually heavier and consequently, slower, Hanse 548 can reach the speed of 8-10 knots effortlessly.

Sailing Hanse 548 Yacht

The look of this boat is very classic in design, with its clear long lines of the deck. Hanse Yachts, as usually, does not follow the trends, but it has its own style that is refined through years and present on the 548 model as well. However, even with this clean and uncluttered deck and strict lines, the boat is both modern and sporty.

The cockpit itself is huge and there is a clear distinction between the ‘sailing area’ where the helms are and the lounge area forward. All equipment needed for sailing is at the reach of a skipper’s hand, both navigation systems and winches for the ropes. The vertical drop-down transom is hydraulic and it can be lowered easily – also with a push on a button. The size of this boat allows excellent storage space below the platform, which has space for even a deflated dinghy, or other equipment, such as diving gear or fenders.

The cockpit is covered by a bimini. There is a possibility of having a hard plastic top, which is convenient because the solar panels can be installed there. However, considering the minimalistic design of the boat, clear sightlines, and unobstructed views down the deck, the hardtop can disrupt the whole harmony of this open space. If you want to enjoy the sun and spectacular views on the sea, a much better option would be a foldable bimini top. On the other hand, if it rains, this won’t be an advantage, so when it comes to choosing the bimini version, a compromise has to be made.

Hanse Yachts

When you see the cockpit of the boat, you will understand what it means to have real comfort on the boat. Forward to the helms, there are two nice and comfortable sofas both to the port and starboard, and thanks to the large beam the two cockpit tables can be installed, instead of one. This is very convenient because it allows the clear passage from the helm to the galley. But what is really thrilling about this cockpit is that the tables can be lowered down. Again, you only have to push a couple of buttons and the tables are lowered. This creates the possibility of having two broad sofas where a crew can chill and sunbathe.

The size and design of this boat are perfectly combined so the speed-effort ratio of the boat is optimal. The size and volume will ensure comfort during the vacations and the design allows for the easy handling. The Hanse 548 looks good and sails well.


Except for the utmost comfort, the Hanse 548 will offer its owner the joy of customizing the boat to the highest level. There are several versions of the layout available.

Hanse Sailing Yachts

The cabins on the aft are default – there is a VIP cabin to the port, which includes queen size bed and guest cabin to the starboard with double berth, storage space, and separate head. The bow of the boat offers more flexibility, so there are a couple of versions that you can choose from. The most comfortable solution would be the owner-version layout that includes a large master cabin with an island double berth, storage space, and a nice comfortable head with a separate shower stall. However, if you enjoy sailing in a larger company and you need a boat with more cabins there is a possibility of choosing the version with two bow cabins, both of which have separate heads. But this is still not the end of the story. If you can’t decide which version is more suitable for you, there is another variant: a layout with two forward cabins with double berth, storage space, and separate heads with shower, but convertible into a single cabin by a removable bulkhead. The large bow of the boat allows the space for a skipper cabin with sink and toilet, but this area can also be used as a sail locker with extensive storage space.

Saloon of the boat is exceptionally nice. To the starboard, there is a fully functional island galley and dining area. The kitchen is equipped with everything you’ll need to cook: stove with oven, refrigerator with freezer, cutlery and other galley equipment and what is most important – a lot of working space. A nice improvement is that the oven can be covered when not in use, so this creates more space for preparing the food. Similarly, the sink positioned on the kitchen island can also serve as a working area when the sink is closed.

The whole galley is flooded with natural light thanks to all the hatches, long windows in the coachroof, and large ports on the topside. Accordingly, the boat is furnished in light wood and earthly colors of the sofas. To the starboard there is a dining area with a convertible table, so the salon can serve as an additional berth. The lounge area and the skipper’s table are on the opposite side, to the port. The space on the port can be used in several ways – the versions in the charter will most often have an additional cabin with bunk beds, but this space can also be used to install the additional head with a separate shower or simply as a storage space.


Technical info:

  • LOA: 16.22 m (53.3 ft)
  • Hull Length: 15.75 m (51.8 ft)
  • LWL: 14.9 m (48.11 ft)
  • Beam: 5.05 m (16.7 ft)
  • Draught: 2.55 m (8.4 ft)
  • Draught shallow keel: 2.25 m (7.5 ft)
  • L-keel, medium: 2.60 m (8.6 ft)
  • T-keel, deep: 2.85 m (9.4 ft)
  • Displacement L-keel, medium: 19.60 t (43,211 lbs)
  • Displacement shallow keel: 19.80 t (43,652 lbs)
  • Displacement T-keel, deep: 19.00 t (41,888 lbs)
  • Design: judel / vrolijk & co
  • Interior: HanseYachts Design
  • Fresh water: 770 l (203 gal)
  • Fuel Tank: 520 l (137 gal)
  • Engine Diesel standard: 110 hp (81 kw)
  • Total sail area: 138.00 sqm (1,485 sq ft)
  • Main sail standard: 80.50 sqm (866 sq ft)
  • Main sail furling: 71.00 sqm (764 sq ft)
  • Self-tacking jib: 57.50 sqm (619 sq ft)
  • Gennaker: 210.00 sqm (2,260 sq ft)