Best of 2018 – Winner of the family cruiser boat of the year her Majesty Sun Odyssey 440

Written by Marin @Danielis on April 27, 2017 in Yacht Reviews

From the ingenious minds at Jeanneau shipyards comes another beauty which has swept aside all others with its beautiful design and classy interior layout at shows around the world. The new Sun Odyssey 440 implements designer solutions which will surely be copied by others in years to come. She comes as an answer for families looking for the best of the boat has to offer while cruising the seas, and she does it with such style. If you are one of those who thinks that all options of design for cruising boats have been depleted, the new Jeanneau will surprise you.

The strength of the argument is even greater for the fact that Sun Odyssey 440 has won the prestigious and sought-after title of „European Yacht Of the Year“ in a quite competitive Family Cruiser category.



On first glance, she may not seem much different from other boats in her category under 44 feet, but she has introduced quite a few novelties which separate her from the rest, apart from all other solutions which have proved to be a success in recent years.

What makes Jeanneau so special?

From the mind of Philippe Briand, one who has been designing luxurious vessels for the Sun Odyssey class of boats, some of which we have covered previously, came new solution which has proved to make life more comfortable while onboard and made sailing a joy, instead of a chore.

There are three main things which have put Sun Odyssey 440 ahead of others and those are:

  • The hull is scow-shaped, thus providing unparallel beam forwards while increasing the volume of the interior without any loss of performance
  • There are no barriers between the cockpit and the deck. While the deck is gently sloped towards the stern, thus allowing for unobstructed travel and increasing passengers safety
  • And lastly, the most innovative feature of all which the French builders patented, is transformer cockpit backrest which provides both protection inside the cockpit as well as an elevated vantage point. It can be pivoted from vertical to a horizontal position, lying flat to offer a full-beam extension of the overall cockpit.

On the deck

As mentioned, the design of the cockpit has been totally reworked, with the aim of increasing fluidity while moving on deck and providing passengers a feeling of safety, since there are no obstacles to cause potential harm in rough weather. That fact alone is priceless, especially while sailing with children, and has surely influenced judges.



Lower shrouds and cap shrouds have been repositioned, one is on the outside of the hull, other on the coachroof. These, at first glance small changes, matter greatly while line handling when berthing.

The winches have been moved ahead of the twin helm stations and have left ample space in the forward part of the cockpit for sunbathing and relaxing, thus accentuating the luxurious and social side to sailing.

sun odyssey 440 sailing croatia

Inside the cockpit area, as in other boats of this class, is a folding table perfect for family dining with the concealed, portable fridge which can also prove to be quite handy while relaxing on a nearby Mediterranean beach.

There is also a portable barbecue, under the helm seat, for those wanting to prepare a tasty meal while socializing with the rest of the crew on deck.

Surely to be popular amongst ladies, there is a giant sunbed conversion for the cockpit seats, coamings and side decks which places them on a single level. This revolutionary feature is patented, allows for a massive increase in cockpit area while anchoring or when in port.

Below deck

There are three different interior layouts to choose from, a two, three and four cabin options, all of which put great emphasis on the sense of openness and spaciousness as well as putting the importance on the availability of natural light and ventilation.

sun odyssey sailing boat

In an effort to provide a new generation of luxurious sailing vessels, the designers have decided to take the best of the previous boats and completely refresh it.

In a three cabin layout, sleeping cabins can proud themselves on their spaciousness, especially the master suite put forward, while the two double quarter cabins are placed aft. Two double doors lead to the master cabin, instead of just one, so that the space between the saloon and the cabin blends together in unison.

To provide ample light, hull windows run the entire length of the saloon as well as in the cabins and serve as a connection between the comfortable insides of the yacht and the beautiful natural scenery which surrounds it.



Putting importance on a social side of living onboard, there is a dinette which seats six and provides a point from which you can look through to both sides of the boat, thanks to the wide hull windows.

The kitchen is also equipped quite nicely, with a large fridge, a two-burner stove, oven and with lots of storage space.

If the lord of the seas, Poseidon, decided to test your sailing prowess during rough weather, you can find comfort in knowing that the Jeanneau comes equipped with a legitimate chart table, indispensable during said conditions.

sun odyssey sailing croatia

The Alpi wood panels grace the bulkheads and cabinets which blend nicely with the design, while the hand holds and fiddles are made of solid wood, allowing to steady yourself when the boat is in motion.

Under sail

The wheels at the helm are quite high and quite easy to handle while standing, with enough options to choose from for sitting around the wheel. The Sun Odyssey 440 sails gracefully, only in the roughest of seas will there be any water on board and if there is it will be quickly drained out of the cockpit drain.

The 45HP Yanmar engine will propel this beauty at 8 knots while under full revs, while under comfortable cruising revs of 2000 rpms, you may look at a steady 6-7 knots.




There is no doubt that the new Sun Odyssey 440 is a next link in the evolutionary chain of the famous Sun Odyssey boats and provides a bright vision for the future and things to come. She provides the sailor with all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay at sea all the while putting maximum effort on comfort, attractive living space and deep attention to detail. A perfect cruising yacht for families wanting to experience the good side of sailing.