What should women pack for Sailing holiday in Turkey

If you’re a woman, you know that as soon as you hear the word ‘vacation’ the first thing you imagine are all the amazing outfits you plan to wear. The second thought that pops to mind is probably, “How will everything fit in one suitcase?”

We get it, so many outfits, so little space. But let us help narrow down the necessities for you, so you spend less time worrying, and more time planning all the amazing places you’ll visit while exploring the Turkish waters.




Before you start lugging out the suitcase and throwing in every single piece of clothing you own, let’s catch up on Turkish culture and what that means for you in terms of packing.

While getting ready for traveling and sailing through Turkey you’ll have to keep these main 3 things in mind; Mediterranean climate, religious beliefs, and season. Your entire suitcase content will revolve around these three things.

We’ll get into further detail as we walk through each of the categories.





Every country has its dress code that every woman wants to fit into seamlessly. Turkey is no exception. When it comes to the style of the locals, you’ll most likely encounter fairly modest ways of dressing (depending on the city and generation). However, you’ll notice that the younger generation doesn’t necessarily stick to this dress code, so don’t worry you won’t get dirty looks if you stand out.

This type of traditional way of dressing in Turkey, meaning your body is covered up for the most part is due to religious beliefs. How does this impact you and the clothes you should bring? Well, if you plan to visit mosques and certain religious landmarks you’ll want to make sure you have an outfit that covers your thighs, shoulders, upper arms, and hair.

While the majority of well-visited mosques might have robes ready for you, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You wouldn't want to miss the chance to visit the famous Blue Mosque in Istanbul just because of your attire, would you?




Outside religious grounds, you’ll want appropriate clothes and accessories for the Mediterranean weather. The climate throughout Turkey can vary depending on the region you’re visiting, but we'll be narrowing it down by season to give you a good insight into what to pack:

Late Spring to early Fall - The sun is shining bright and temperatures rise above 30 °C (86 °F), although you’ll probably be exposed to a perfect sea breeze for the majority of the trip you’ll have to pack more than just your swimwear.

Focus on lightweight clothes, skirts and dresses (preferably longer ones), hats, sunglasses, sandals (perfect for days spent on the beach), and comfortable shoes for walking. While sandals might look prettier on outfits, cobblestone streets will wreak havoc on them and your feet!

Charter attire - feel free to dress as usual while spending time on the charter, apart from a bathing suit and cover-up, some shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops will do just fine. Nights might get a bit chilly so bring a pair of joggers and a sweater just in case.

Late Fall to Early Spring - If you’re lucky you’ll be able to catch some rays, but rain and colder weather are more common during this time. In Fall and Spring, you might be able to get by with a light jacket and layers during the day, but at night wool socks and thick pajamas will be your best friend.

Charter attire - Given that you may be sailing the seas, don’t forget to bring along some wind and water-resistant gear. It’s not the same warm breezy air experience during this time of the year so bring comfortable and practical long clothing.

Staple items that will give you some extra points in Turkey are: the Pashmina Shawl (scarf), Şalvar (Turkish Trousers), and Sarong (body wrap), both are light and practical for on-charter and off-charter traveling.


Personal Hygiene

The simpler, the better when it comes to personal hygiene. We understand it might be hard to part from your 10-step skincare routine for a while, but it’s true for your good to stick to the basics. Your charter bathroom only has a small amount of space, and lugging around a heavy hygiene bag isn’t practical.

In a small toiletry bag includes sunscreen, moisturizer, feminine hygiene products (if you use tampons, keep in mind they are harder to find in Turkey), deodorant & toothpaste (travel size), minimum makeup, hair oil (for the hot & humid air), and most importantly kleenex/wet wipes, as most public toilets don’t have toilet paper. If you’re traveling in the fall/winter, an insect repellent kit can come in handy.

When it comes to general bathing products such as shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, and body wash no need to drag it over the border, as you’ll be able to purchase it there, or you’ll have it supplied on your charter.


Practical Items

We understand that wind in your hair is ideal for the perfect Instagram post, but after a few poses, you might get annoyed with hair in your mouth and eyes. That’s why ladies, remember to always carry with you hairbands and clips. This comes in handy even when you’re off the charter exploring the lands.

You can keep those hairbands and clips in the small day bag that you should bring. When going off the charter you’ll need a bag in which you carry all your necessities; toiletries, wallet (also keep it small), passport, small dry towel, and so on.

Another very important practical item to bring that’s not necessarily just for women is a European power adapter. Although the majority of charging cables work on USB ports, it is essential to pack a power adapter if you’re coming from outside of Europe.





  • Turkey Visa & E-Visa
  • Passport
  • Entry Form to Turkey
  • Payment Pass
  • Driver’s License (if you plan on driving)
  • Insurance Cards
  • Important Document Copies

Paperwork is pretty much the same as if you were traveling to any other country.

In case you need medical attention while on vacation, bring your basic paperwork, along with a copy of immunization records, names or boxes of the medication you’re using, and preferably a medical file if you suffer from a chronic illness. Pregnant women in addition to all this, you might need to carry a note from your doctor that you are fit to travel and any other recommended paperwork by your obstetrician (OB/GYN).

Another important thing to bear in mind is if you plan on bringing any medication into the country, such as painkillers, prescriptions, or birth control, you’ll want to double-check if it’s approved.

Given that you’re planning on a sailing vacation be aware of the fact that storage on charters is limited so pack mindfully.

Key takeaways for traveling and packing as a woman for a trip to Turkey:

  • It is crucial to bring clothing that goes along with the culture. While you won’t necessarily be ridiculed for wearing what you want, in most non-tourist locations you may be seen as more worthy of respect if you stick to modest attire.
  • Keep personal hygiene and toiletries to a minimum. On a charter, you only have so much space to store all your products, and it won’t be easy carrying them around. Tampons are not always readily available so if you use them take some with you. Kleenex and wet wipes are a must-have, as public spaces aren’t always equipped with toilet paper.
  • Paperwork is standard, but if you’re bringing birth control or other prescriptions into Turkey, check the medical and pharmaceutical regulations. Women who are pregnant might require extra paperwork.

As you can tell, traveling as a woman isn’t always easy but hopefully, this provides you with some insight into how you should pack for a sailing trip in Turkey.

Comment anything else you believe women need while sailing the Turquoise Coast!