Pros and Cons of Taking a Sailing Holiday in Croatia

Written by Marin @Danielis on March 22, 2017 in Yacht Charter Advice

Pros of Sailing Vacation:


• If you are going to take a sailing charter anywhere, Croatia is the place to do it. Years after your vacation is over, the one thing that will probably be most clear in your mind’s eye is the gorgeous sparkling clarity of the Adriatic. There is no more breathtaking way to see those deep, turquoise and sapphire waves than aboard a comfortable sailing yacht or catamaran. This also gives you the best view of the lush forests, craggy mountains, and walled cities of the coast!


• A new adventure every day. When you charter a sailing boat in Croatia, you are always on the move. That means that each day you can wake up to new sights and experiences. If you were staying in a hotel, you would see the same locations every day. That has its charms too, but for those with a spirit of discovery, a charter can’t be topped.

• More fun in the water. If you enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water-based activities, a charter yacht in Croatia is your personal passport to all the most phenomenal sites.


• No traffic, no waiting, no hassles, no worries. While vacations are supposed to be relaxing, they seldom are—not when you are dealing with dozens of hotel reservations, cab numbers, car rentals, and busy streets. On a catamaran or yacht trip in Croatia, you will never be caught in a traffic jam. And if you hire a skipper or crew, you can forget about all the executive details of sailing and focus on what matters most—having fun!

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Cons of Sailing Vacation:


• Sailing is all about the journey, not the destination. This is technically neither a pro nor a con on its own, but it can seem like a drawback to some new sailors. Some people take to sailing right away and love every minute, but others find it very slow and wish they were at their destination already. Let us give you 5 reasons and convince you that sailing is the best way to travel.


• Some people find a sailboat cramped. Even luxury yachts do not afford you the kind of space you are used to on land. If you want a step by step guide about "How to pack for your sailing vacation" please read this article.

• Fewer amenities. There is less space for luggage on a sailboat—though the upside is that you do not need to move it from hotel to hotel. You also have limited supplies at any given time, which means no long showers. You definitely will not be able to spend your vacation on Facebook if you choose to charter a yacht either. Then again, depending on what you are looking for, that could be a good thing! If your question is "What should I do on a yacht in spare time on the boat"? We suggest you try these 5 books. And we also encourage you to download these 5 apps.


• Issues with comfort. When you are out on the sea, it can easily become very hot or very cold both on deck and in the cabin. Seasickness is a problem for some passengers as well. Another possible drawback may come in the form of interpersonal squabbles. It is common for people to be stressed out by vacation planning and argumentative as a result. On a boat, naturally, that issue can be magnified by the cramped quarters and isolation from land. Here is the list of 10 items you should bring with you in order to avoid any uncomfortable situations.

Get the Most Out of Your Croatia Sailing Holiday by Being Prepared

While reading through these pros and cons, you have hopefully figured out that the disadvantages are not really set in stone. Yes, a sailboat can be cramped and you will be spending a lot of time in transit, but if you come prepared for that, you can make the most of the space you have and get yourself in the mindset to enjoy those long hours between points on your itinerary.

Sailing the limpid waters of the Adriatic is a delightful experience. Many of the cons can easily be turned into pros if you set out prepared for a journey unlike any other you have embarked upon. Out on the sea, it is just you and nature and your loved ones—and the adventure of a lifetime.