Michelin Certified Restaurants You Must Visit on Your Croatian Sailing Holiday

Written by Marin @Danielis on April 04, 2017 in Yacht Charter Advice

By sailing across the labyrinth of gorgeous Croatian islands, you must have found yourself amazed by the rich cultural and historical heritage which is infused in every parcel of land. From the beautiful lighthouses, ancient towers speaking of times gone by to the beautiful natural scenery that takes your breath away while you watch the Sunset on the western shores of the Adriatic. 

You may have found yourself wanting to experience the rich culture of Croatia more deeply, and what is the best way than through its gastronomy? The cuisine is an inseparable part of a country's culture, and gastronomy is giving a taste to it.

Croatia has a myriad of restaurants, many of which have practiced their craft for generations, and thankfully, their effort has been recognized by the world's biggest authority in the field of culinary arts. On the first of March of 2018. two Croatian restaurants have been awarded a star, which increases the number of Michelin certified restaurants to three, all of whom are located on the coast, while 59 more have been recommended.

There is no doubt that the Croatian gourmet scene is just getting unearthed and it is expected that the number of Michelin awarded restaurants will grow with each passing year.

Here we give you a list of restaurants that have found their place in Michelin guide, that you simply must visit while sailing across the coast of Croatia for a more complete and rich experience of the culture, the gastronomy of which, has been passed down by generations since the times ancient.

1. Monte restaurant – Rovinj

Let us presume that you will be making your way across the entire length of the Adriatic, from north to south. You first culinary stop must be Monte restaurant – the first ever Croatian restaurant that has past strict criteria for excellence and consistency of service and has thus been awarded Michelin star.

Located in the heart of the enchanting little town of Rovinj, hidden among its stone lanes lies the softly lit, romantic restaurant of Monte.

Decorated in a slightly more contemporary style, in contrast with the more traditional Istrian restaurants, the food is served with attention to detail using modern techniques allowing for a more creative dishes to be presented.
The highlight of the restaurants must be its fine selection of wines to choose from which will have to leave you curious and wanting to taste each selection on the list.

2. Pelegrini Restaurant – Šibenik

Next one on our culinary list is restaurant Pelegrini, which has been awarded a Michelin star of excellence in its 2018 gastronomic guide. Located at the very heart of Šibenik Old Town, right across the St. Jacob's Cathedral, this restaurant must be visited even if Šibenik is not on your sailing itinerary.

The restaurant has few small tables neatly arranged in front of the old building where the restaurant is housed. The decor is a light mix of traditional and new, which blends perfectly and gives the restaurant a light touch.

The owner of the restaurant is a self-taught chef which prides himself on providing the patrons with his knowledge of every ingredient that is collected locally and served fresh with utmost care.

The tasting menu allows for you to decide upon your own gourmet experience by choosing the exact number of dishes and courses the tempt you, while the food is nicely complemented with the wide choice of local wines to choose from.

3. Zrno Soli – Split

Next one is a Michelin recommended restaurant located on the first floor of ACI Marina Split. The name of the restaurant means „a grain of salt“ and is an excellent choice, as you may have presumed, for seafood enthusiasts. Enjoy the incredible view of Split and the surrounding area while sitting on the terrace opposite of lined up boats and yachts and taste the best food Split has to offer.

The highlight of the restaurant is the fish and seafood since the attention is placed more on a classic Dalmatian cuisine, which you can choose directly from a display cabinet.

Zrno Soli has the potential to climb up the ladder and become the leader on the Split gastronomic scene.

4. Apolon Restaurant – Stari Grad, the island of Hvar

apolon restaurant stari grad hvar

Image source:https://www.apolon.hr

Another Michelin recommended restaurant located at picturesque, heritage hotel ApolonApolon Restaurant provides you with comfortable atmosphere while you soak in the atmosphere of the Meditarennean.

Overlooking the charming, quiet harbor of Stari Grad this restaurant is a necessary stop on your culinary adventure. Apolon proud itself on providing its patrons with fresh, local ingredients and a wide variety of meat and cheese plates to choose from all complemented by an authentic, locally produced wines.

If you have not yet fallen in love with the town, after you have tasted the food it has to offer, you surely will.

5. 360 Restaurant, Dubrovnik

restaurant 360 dubrovnik

Image source: https://www.360dubrovnik.com/?file=home

Finally, our last stop on our coastal, gastronomic journey, the pearl fo the Adriatic, Dubrovnik, make the list. The city of Dubrovnik boasts 11 recommended Michelin restaurants, all of which are vying to be the top culinary destination in the area, but only one has been awarded the Star of excellence and that is 360 Dubrovnik.

Located within the walls of Dubrovnik itself, overlooking the port and city, 360 Restaurant has the most impressive view and atmosphere in the entire south Adriatic.

The restaurant has a cocktail bar and a lounge, allowing for a private dining experience while the modern, open-style kitchen is decorated with a tank teeming with fish. The standard of dining has been set high with a food philosophy that pairs modern Mediterranean cuisine with a modern twist allowing for a new experience of a local, seasonal produce.


There is no doubt that one, or all of the restaurants on our list will provide you with a new outlook on the Croatian cuisine which will have you yearning for more. There are many more restaurants that have yet remain to be discovered, as the Croatian gastronomic scene gains even more world renown.