How To Choose the Right Vessel For Your Sailing Vacation

Written by Marin @Danielis on July 17, 2017 in Yacht Charter Advice

1. Monohull sailboats


The most basic option you are going to come across is a monohull sailboat. This is your classic sailboat design with only one hull—as opposed to a catamaran, which has two hulls and a connected deck.

While a monohull sailboat is less roomy than a catamaran, you will find that they are still quite spacious (often with 2-6 cabins) and may be equipped with a full galley. These boats are adept at harnessing wind power, which can cut down on your fuel costs. While a monohull is not as fast as a motorboat, it is faster than a catamaran and offers unmatched maneuverability.

If sailing itself is a big part of the draw of a Croatia sailing vacation for you, a monohull sailboat is an excellent choice. You may even want to consider bareboat sailing in Croatia if you have the experience. Otherwise, you should hire a skipper or full crew.

Choose a monohull if:

• You want the classic sailing experience
• You will spend a lot of time on choppy open waters
• You want to cut fuel costs
• You are okay with a smaller (but still comfortably-sized) boat

2. Catamarans


As just mentioned, a catamaran is very much like a monohull sailboat, except that it consists of two hulls joined together. A catamaran offers much more in the way of space, and also offers greater stability in calm seas. So if you plan to spend a lot of time close to the coastline, acatamaran is generally a better choice than a monohull sailboat (if on the other hand you will spend a lot of time on the open sea, a monohull will provide you with a smoother ride).

You might think a catamaran would cost a lot more than a monohull. In most cases however, the prices are pretty similar. You do need a larger space at the marina to dock it however, so that can raise your vacation costs.

Choose a catamaran if:

• You need more space and privacy than a monohull can provide
• You are traveling with a family or large group (especially with children)
• You will be sailing mostly in tranquil waters near the shore
• You want to spend a lot of time playing in the water behind the boat

3. Motorboats


With a motorboat, you have the fastest choice for jetting around the Croatian coastline. A motorboat (also called a powerboat) is giving you a ride—you may still require a skipper if you are not experienced, but in general, a motorboat is easier to captain. Sailing is a sport, and requires more specialized skills.

If sailing interests you, you probably will have more fun with as sailboat, but if you are indifferent to it, you may find a motorboat more relaxing. Motorboats are also versatile; you can use them even when there is no wind. You also can avoid getting wet (often not an option on a sailboat).

Choose a motorboat if:

• You are looking to cover the largest distance in the shortest length of time
• You are not interested in sailing as a sport
• You want to avoid getting wet
• You want to spend more time on the boat relaxing and socializing (as opposed to sailing)

4. Gulets

Choose the Right Vessel For Your Sailing Vacation - Why Choose Gulets

A gulet is a traditional sailboat with two or three masts. Gulets are built out of wood and were first designed for fishing. Because of their open decks and spacious, high-ceilinged cabins, they make a great choice for charter vessels in Croatia. Gulets are beautiful boats, and offer a relaxing experience on tranquil waters.

Choose a gulet if:

• You want more space and privacy than you get with a standard monohull sailboat
• You are looking for a relaxing sailing experience
• You want to sail with a full crew (gulets are bigger boats, and thus typically require a full complement)
• You are traveling with a lot of people (larger gullets can comfortably accommodate 16 or more guests)

5. Luxury Yachts


luxury yacht could be any type of boat discussed above: a gullet, a catamaran, or a monohull or motorboat. Typically, however, luxury yachts will be large motorboats or catamarans. Luxury vessels have lavishly-appointed interiors and extra features to ensure total comfort on your Croatia voyage.

Choose a luxury yacht if:

• You are looking for the top-of-the-line in terms of comfort and décor
• You have a larger budget for your vacation

You are now familiar with the most common types of vessels you can charter when you go to rent a yacht in Croatia. Start by making a list of important considerations, and then pick the vessel which will best fit your needs. If you need any further guidance, you can contact the charter agency and ask for advice.