Croatia Nightlife: Top 7 Places To Drink Cocktails in Croatia

Written by Marin @Danielis on April 04, 2017 in Yacht Charter Advice

With its crystal clear waters, amazing sunsets and an endless supply of natural beauty, it is no wonder that thousands of people flock to the Croatian coastline to soak up the sun and indulge in a cocktail or two. It seems that every year more and more people discover for themselves just what makes Croatia so great, and you should too. So, if you’re on the lookout for perfect places to spend an evening while taking a sip of your favorite beverage, we have you covered!

1. Hula Hula Beach Bar – Hvar

Nightlife in Hvar is at its peak during the summer, and Hula Hula Beach Bar serves as a place you must put on your list. Placed just on the shore of the sea, the décor is a mixture of Caribbean and Adriatic, with wooden outdoor recliners, beach umbrellas, and wooden bar. The bar offers breathtaking scenery view complemented with an unbelievable atmosphere that lasts throughout the day till the dead of the night. If the dance floor isn’t your preference, there are plenty of loungers if you want to sunbathe while sipping on a cocktail and being served fresh seafood at a restaurant nearby. People even anchor their yachts near the beach and swim to the shore to join the party. Who knows, you might even spot a celebrity while there.

2. Nautica Bar – Hvar

Conveniently located only ten minutes walk away from Hula Bar, this should be your second stop on your Hvar’s party train. Famous for flaming Jager bombs, it’s an obligatory stop at your pub crawl. And for good reason, Nautica Bar is one of the favorites among party revelers. Known far and wide for over 100 different cocktails on offer which are served in a retro “outer space” theme atmosphere, this bar is a must stop station on your cruise across the Adriatic.

3. Club Deep – Makarska

Club Deep Makarska

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Strap on your eye-patch, fetch a parrot from a pet shop somewhere and anchor at Club Deep, a place where all pirates come to the party! Club Deep offers one of the most amazing locations for any cocktail bar since it is located in a natural cave that has been transformed into a bar and is right on the beachfront among many other bars, pubs, and clubs. A sanctuary for lovers of electronic music, the Deep club is divided into two areas - a dance floor for those who want to try out their latest moves and a more relaxed, lounge area with a terrace where you can marvel at the sunset over the Adriatic while enjoying your favorite cocktail. A must visit for anyone sailing across the coast of Dalmatia.

4. Massimo Cocktail Bar – Korcula

What place can better offer a commanding view of the sea and surrounding area than a turret located atop the walls of an ancient city? And what better feeling than drinking a cocktail while enjoying the said view? The bar that simply cannot be missed is Massimo Cocktail Bar in Korcula. Placed atop the Zakerian Tower, your drinks will be delivered to you via a pulley system while you take in the incredible 360-degree view of Korcula and its surrounding islands and marvel at the natural beauty in front of your eyes.

5. Buza Bar – Dubrovnik

beach bar buza dubrovnik

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Among the most beautiful bars in Dubrovnik, Buza Bar is known as a hole-in-the-wall bar, as it is located on the seaside of city walls, at the edge of the sea. It is a more secluded bar for those wanting to get away from the crowded streets of Dubrovnik and take a sip or two of world-class cocktails while watching, from high up, cliff divers and taking in the marvelous views of the sea and Lokrum island.

6. Academia Ghetto Club - Split

Voted among the best bars in Split, certainly for arty décor, bohemian atmosphere, but mostly for the music, AGC attracts a reliably savvy, relaxed crowd of locals and travelers alike. Located atop the narrow, crowded bar-lined passageway of Dosud, it offers a peaceful courtyard, a small bar leading to a muralled main room and an upstairs gallery, open according to an event. If you’re one with an arty taste and with a love for good music, mingle with the locals while enjoying a cocktail or two.

7. Cave bar More – Dubrovnik

cave bar more

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This popular and quite unique bar is an actual cave, discovered by accident during the construction of a boutique-like hotel More. It extends over three levels, and wanting travelers can choose between a cool drink served in the belly of a cave, or you can choose to sit at the beach area while drinking your favorite cocktail and enjoying uninterrupted views of Lapad bay.


Hopefully, with this plethora of different cocktail bars to choose from, one has found some that suit their taste. From secluded bars to loud and big party domes, Croatian coast has something to offer for anyone. So, hop aboard a yacht, explore the whole Croatia and hurry, the cocktails are waiting!