7 Tips For Safe Sailing With Dogs in Croatia

Written by Marin @Danielis on July 24, 2017 in Yacht Charter Advice

1. Make sure to obtain a life jacket


Life jackets are an absolute necessity. Even if your dog is an active swimmer, safety comes first so make sure to get one. If you own a lively dog, he might want to take a swim, so getting him out without a jacket might just make you take a swim as well.

When getting a life jacket, make sure that the jacket suits your dog and is comfortable as well, your furry friend will be grateful.

2. Install a safety net


If you want to limit your pets inclination to swimming, or simply stopping him from, intentionally or nonintentionally going overboard, install a safety net and dispel your worries. You will have no issue obtaining them from your cruising agency since they are usually used in case of small children onboard. It’s better to be safe.

3. Make sure that your yacht provides shade


Image source: http://wellfoundyachts.com/pets-on-board-dog-gone/

Now, this is one of the most important things concerning dogs onboard, especially since the hot summer months on the Mediterranean can prove to be exhausting for your favorite pet. Dogs, unlike humans, cannot regulate their body temperature by sweating and if they have no shade to cool down they might easily suffer a heat stroke. To avoid that, make sure to rent a yacht which will provide ample shade for your furry buddy and yourself, as well.

4. Bring plenty of water and dog food

If you don’t bring enough supplies, well, let’s just say that your barking buddy will not appreciate, but water is important as well, not only for drinking purposes but for washing your pet as well. 

After a heart-warming swim with your four-legged friend having him properly washed will keep his fur in good condition, as well as make his stay on yacht more comfortable.

If your pet is a picky eater, buying enough food beforehand will take care of any maldigestion issues he might have, which leave us to the next tip…

5. Designate a “bathroom” area for your pet

While the modern yachts provide ample space for any activity onboard, having a dog onboard means that if you do not think beforehand of making a space where he can safely relieve himself, things could get quite messy very fast. The simple and very elegant solution is to train your dog to use a simple piece of Astroturf as a designated bathroom area for your pet. To make cleaning even more simple, put a small grommet in the Astroturf and tie a rope to it., then wash the Astroturf by hanging it over the edge while underway.

6. Make sure to dock at regular times


Image source: http://wellfoundyachts.com/pets-on-board-dog-gone/

While your four-legged friend might have a stoic nature and be quite content with his eyes fixed on the horizon while listening to the sound of waves crashing against the surface of the yacht, he might hold a burning desire to spend some time on the firm ground, so make sure to provide him with just that.

Every dog needs his time on solid ground, or they might grow restless, so plan your trips accordingly, with enough time spent on land.

7. Designate a Doggie Ditch Bag

It’s best to keep all of the necessities that your canine might need in a separate bag, which should include all the medicines your pet might need, your dog’s papers, Canine First Aid kit and such.

Always make sure to hold your dog’s papers on you when leaving the boat with your pet, and thus avoiding any unnecessary uncomfortable moments if the officials ask for documents.

With all the steps described above, your furry friend will have a comfortable and enjoyable sailing adventure, just as much as his owner, and maybe even have a few stories to brag to his canine friends at the end of it.

Wish you fair winds and a strong mast to the both of you!