7 Wonders of Island Vis – A Perfect Sailing Paradise

Written by Marin @Danielis on April 13, 2017 in Sailing Stories

I would like to ask you to imagine yourself on a yacht, in the middle of the calm Adriatic Sea, soaking in the sun on the warm summer afternoon, gazing at the cleanest sea you have ever laid your eyes upon. Sailing in the area around the island of Vis grants all this and much more. Island Vis is considered to be the island with many natural attractions, hidden gems, but it also presents a great historical meaning for Croatia. 


We will present the island and its seven wonders through photos and stories and then leave you breathless with the video on the end of the article, so stay tuned :)

First Wonder: The Town of Vis


The town of Vis is located in the north-eastern part of the island Vis in the bottom of a well-protected bay. You will love Vis, or Issa (as ancient Greeks called it), if you are in love with history, tradition, mystery and the best cuisine Adriatic has to offer. One of the reasons why Vis is considered a wonder itself is because it is a place where time stays still. Vis was founded in 397 B.C by ancient Greeks, but has kept the old, irresistible Mediterranean charm and life without stress and trouble even up to this day. Yachtsmen from all over the world make it their top destination and it is up to you to find out the secrets of vis yourself.

Second Wonder: The Town of Komiža


You are sailing around Vis? Perfect, take a day trip to Komiza! Take your time to wonder around this beautiful old stone fishing village. First head for Tiha cove, where you can stay on anchor till early afternoon.
Komiza is cut off from the rest of the island by hill and it faces the sea. Komizas traditional cuisine founded on seafood delicacies and quality local wines as well as beautiful sea side with small pebble beaches will have all your senses spoiled. If you are planning your itinerary check out our 7 day itinerary including island Vis and Komiža.

Third Wonder: The Blue Cave on Bisevo Island


The Island of Biševo lies 5 nautical miles away from Komiža and it is one of the islands that leaves all sailors breathless. The Island of Bisevo is composed of limestone rock and it is inhabited by just a handful of people all year around. But Biševo has it all: natural phenomena, sandy bays, friendly islanders and high quality Biševo Plavac wine. It is, however, best known for its rare natural phenomenon, The Blue Cave. The Blue Cave is one of 26 caves located on this tiny island.

The cave was formed by erosion from the sea and crack on the cave lets rays of sun penetrate into the cave creating incredible light effects and painting the whole interior of the cave as well as the sea surface into the silver-blue color.

The best time to visit the cave is around 11 AM and noon each day – because that is the time when the reflection of the sun on the blue water light up the caves walls. Talk to one of our skippers to arrange the visit.

Fourth Wonder: Mount Hum


For all sailors enjoying climbing activities, Hum offers glorious views of Komiza and Bisevo Island and the walk to the top from Komiza takes about two hours. Hum is also the highest point on the island at 587metres above sea level.

Fifth Wonder: The underground military caves and tunnels


When visiting Vis we advise you book a military tour which offers really unique experience to all of you who will visit Vis. Here is the background story - the tunnels were used by Josip Broz Tito’s partisan fighters. When Tito’s fighters left the island in 1989, they left behind many tunnels and caves that were used by them during these times. If you sail around the island you will see these caves dotted through the hills. The must see attraction is the underground submarine tunnel on the northern side of the island.

Sixth Wonder: Local Wine and Cuisine


Well this one is hard to describe in words but if you are a food lover, you will love Vis for sure. Vis has a reputation as a gastronomic island. We recommend you try some of the freshly caught seafood, or dishes like “the peka” and local dishes such as “paštićada”.

And what about the wines? Yes, Vis only has top quality wines. Vis has many small wine bars and we recommend you sit down in Aerodrom, you will fall in love with the retro feeling instantly. We also encourage you to visit a well know winery Lipanović then give us a comment on the wine ;)

Wine recommendation: Try Bugava if you like sweet and rounded white wines, or Salbun (delicious, sweet red wine made from Plavac Mali grapes).

Seventh Wonder: Stiniva Bay and untouched nature


We saved the best for last. Vis is a place of untouched nature and tourists are only just beginning to discover it. Weather conditions here are perfect. You are familiar with sunny Hvar? You can expect the same on Vis.

The island Vis is full of stunning beaches and Stiniva is one of them. It is located west of the Mala Travna bay. Stiniva Cove is protected, that means you can reach it with your yacht and explore this perfect bay and its pebble beach to its fullest while sailing.


You should also visit Lucica. It is closest to town, and Srebrna, a beach made up of unusually large white stones that glow silver in the moonlight.

Still not convinced? All the beauty of island Vis has been captured by the camera of Diano and Maja Jurić on their one-day trip.

You will see all the wonders of Vis from Komiža, Smokova bay, Town of Vis, beach Stiniva, The Blue Cave, military tunnels, breathtaking nature and crystal clear sea. Enjoy.