5 Reasons That Will Make You Fall in Love with Kornati Islands Forever

Written by Marin @Danielis on February 10, 2017 in Sailing Stories

Rugged, barren and staggeringly beautiful, Kornati Islands will become a favorite sailing spot for all who enjoy stunning scenery, rich marine life and wildlife, beautiful bays and covers, as well as isolated restaurants that serve local food specialties that are known as one of the best in the Mediterranean.

Before you go, make sure to contact us at Danielis to help you with all arrangements. 

1 Test your sailing skills against 89 islands, islets and reefs

Konrati National Park is comprised of 89 unforgettable islands, islets and reefs and they have a reputation of "nautical paradise" in all sailing and tourist publications.

You will be able to test your sailing skills doing "slalom" sailing through the all 89 islands in the Kornati National Park. Trust us the experience will be really one of a kind for all in love with sailing.

2 Kornati offer up to 2.700 sunshine hours a year

Weather for Sailing on Kornati Islands in Croatia 

You don’t have to worry about the climate. The Adriatic Coast has a typically Mediterranean climate, with warm dry summers and mild winters. Kornati have hot and dry summers, there is approximately between 2600 and 2700 sunshine hours a year in Kornati National Park so we're pretty sure you will be able to top up your tan on one of the sunniest coastlines in all of Europe.

The prevailing wind in Croatia is a north westerly, but watch out for the "Bura", a north easterly wind that can be a quite a surprise so make sure to check the forecast before you set sail. 

3 Dive into impressive submarine world 

 Diving in Kornati National Park, Croatia

You are sailing in Kornati and did not think about seeing the submarine world? If you are a qualified autonomous diver, you can enjoy all the things that make this park a nautical paradise. Prepare to be stunned, the submarine world of Kornati National Park offers rich plant and animal life. It’s a truly an amazing experience. 

If you are not a diver, make sure to bring your diving mask and snorkel! You will still be able to take a peek into the blue deeps of the clear Kornati waters.

Where can you go diving? There are nine zones in the Kornati National Park where diving is allowed, those are:

1. Kornat (Opat - Tanka Prisliga)
2. Samograd
3. Oključ
4. Mala Panitula
5. Vela Panitula
6. Rašip
7. Kasela
8. Mana
9. Borovnik

Swim in Kornati, Croatia 

4 Swim in the crystal clear sea

Kornati offer clear sea for swimming and snorkeling 

Take a break from sailing and relax to breathe in the beauty around you. There is a reason why Kornati are a National Park. Allow your body to submerge into this state of nirvana as you jump from your yacht to swim in the crystal clear, warm waters of the Kornati Islands. Breathe in the fresh air, forget about time and problems and allow yourself to float on the surface of calm ocean water looking into the bright blue sky. It is an experience that cannot be described in words. You must try it!

You are able to swim in whole Koranti National Park except in the zones of strict protection. No license is needed to swim in the Kornati. 

5 Let’s not forget about tasty Dalmatian cuisine


In all Adriatic coast you will find tasty Dalmatian dishes. Kornati are no different. The selection mostly consists of sea food (fish and lobster), but if you choose to go with meat, we recommend you take delicious Kornati lamb. Fish and meat dishes are prepared in a simple way, boiled or grilled, flavored with the owner's own olive oil.

There are about 20 restaurants and taverns to choose from in the Kornati National Park that offer good ambience, local food prepared in traditional way and very kind hosts. That is only one more reason to make your sailing experience in Kornati a memorable one. 

Quick tips


How to reach Kornati national park

You can reach the Kornati National Park by renting a boat or a yacht with us. We will also make all the arangements for sailing into the national park.


Sailing into Kornati National Park

If you want to go alone you must buy a ticket. Our top tip would be to plan ahead and purchase your park entry tickets before entering the park as it's less expensive, and also to buy in bulk. The tickets can be purchased at the reception desks within the Park or at a number of locations on the mainland, outside the boundaries of the Park. The cost of a park ticket bought before entering the park for a 39ft yacht should be 250 HRK = £25 per day or 500 HRK = £50 for 3 days. 



There are four zones of strict protection in the Kornati National Park, where visitors are not allowed. Those areas are:

  • Purara islet, Klint and Volić reefs
  • Mrtenjak islet
  • Kolobučar islet
  • Small Obručan and Great Obručan islets