COVID-19 cancellation policy

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Dear sailors,

As we all know by now, coronavirus outbreak has affected travel and tourism all around the globe. We understand the great stress this will cause for our clients and we sympathize with them, but we also kindly ask our clients for understanding and patience, and to keep calm. Sailing holidays will continue, eventually.


As Danielis Yachting is just a broker, an agency that intermediates between you as a client and charter fleet operator companies which actually manage a particular yacht in their base, we can not give you an exact and definite answer about the refund policy right now, as you are reading this.

Refund policy depends on the exact yacht the client has chartered, and the company which acts as a charter fleet operator for that yacht. It might also depend on the time period for which you chartered.

The payments we have received from our clients have been forwarded to charter fleet operator companies which manage a particular yacht the client has chartered, so it will simply not be possible that you receive a refund directly from us. It's actually a process through which we need to inform our clients on their exact terms in this matter and help the clients find and choose the best solution for their booking, whether it's a cancellation or movement of the booking to some future period in time.

We are here to help you through this process.


Various charter fleet operator companies might have slightly different refund policies, so we need to inform each client in particular, on their exact terms of refund or possible change of booking period, moving it to some future times.

We strongly recommend that clients DO NOT cancel the booking, but to re-book their yacht for some future period in time, if not later this year, then next year 2021. Why?

To explain why, we want to be completely transparent about the business model of yacht charter industry, and this way, hopefully gain our clients' trust and understanding of the overall situation.

The hard part is that, most likely, in most cases refunds will not be possible, or cancelations will be charged by high cancellation fees. This is due to the fact that, in most of the cases the situation is that we as a broker, forwarded your payments to charter fleet operator companies which manage the yacht you chartered. Those charter fleet operator companies than forwarded the major amounts of your payments to yacht owners who used those payments to cover the loans and leasing contracts they have used to finance the purchase of the yacht.

So, the situation is very difficult for all parties involved in this process, and we kindly ask for your understanding. At this point it seems that re-booking for another period in time is the best option for all parties involved. 



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