A Mechanical Look at How Boats Operate

Eva Tucker - October 06, 2021.

Boat propellers work like airplane propellers, but instead of air, they move through the water. The main difference between a boat and an airplane is that the boat stays horizontal while the plane goes up and down as it moves forward.

Sunreef - the trendsetter

Marin @Danielis - February 02, 2021.

The Polish shipyard based in Gdansk was founded eighteen years ago by the French entrepreneur Francis Lapp and it very quickly became the specialist in luxury custom-made catamarans, with nearly a hundred units sold worldwide.

The weirdest looking Super Yachts

Marin @Danielis - December 19, 2020.

We got used to seeing elegant white yachts cruising the seas, and we took their ‘classic design’ for granted.

Hanse 548

Marin @Danielis - December 17, 2020.

Hanse Yachts has once again delighted all lovers of sailing boats with their new model Hanse 548, a descendant of older version Hanse 545.

Prestige 520, Will it achieve the success of the previous model

Marin @Danielis - December 09, 2020.

Jeanneau’s Prestige 520 was announced in 2017 and it appeared at the international boat festival in Cannes in the same year.

5 Reasons To Charter Lagoon 42 Catamaran for Your Croatian Sailing Vacation

Marin @Danielis - August 24, 2017.

After a hard work, there are few things so exceptionally beneficial to a person than a good rest, and what better way to spend the vacation if not surrounded by the sea, with the warm Mediterranean sun on your back while navigating the stra

Review: Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 Catamaran

Marin @Danielis - July 08, 2017.

Looking to escape from the ordinary and step into a world of luxury and comfort? Step onboard the Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 Catamaran, a spacious and elegant vessel that combines comfort with high performance for an unparalleled sailing exper

Dufour 460 Grand Large – A majestic sea cruiser

Marin @Danielis - April 27, 2017.

A yacht can be many things to different people. For some, it is a long-term companion on distant journeys, to others a racing beauty while for some a reliable vessel on coastal cruises. The respectable company La Rochelle with its new addition to the Dufour family, 460 Grand Large has decided for the latter type of sailor.

Elan Impression 354 – Built To Impress

Marin @Danielis - April 27, 2017.

Elan Impression 354 – Built To Impress - The most popular and longstanding brand of sailing vessels on the East coast of the Adriatic is without a doubt, Elan, but with their change of business policy in the last 10 years and turning towards the bigger boats, used for charters, they have seen a sudden drop in popularity....

Best of 2018 – Winner of the family cruiser boat of the year her Majesty Sun Odyssey 440

Marin @Danielis - April 27, 2017.

The new Sun Odyssey 440 implements designer solutions which will surely be copied by others in years to come. She comes as an answer for families looking for the best of the boat has to offer while cruising the seas, and she does it with such style.

5 Most Popular Boat Models in 2018

Marin @Danielis - April 04, 2017.

For all those eager for their 2018 summer sailing adventure, we have prepared a list of 5 hottest boats and catamaran currently on the market.

Beneteau Oceanis 55: A Relieable Sea Beauty

Marin @Danielis - April 04, 2017.

World-renowned Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design has gifted us with a boat that can sail on any sea on the world all the while providing its crew with ample space for comfortable stay and enjoyment.

Beneteu Oceanis 35 – A true chameleon of the sea

Marin @Danielis - April 04, 2017.

Most of the new boat models offered on the market try to be everything for anyone, but none has made it possible in just a way as Oceanis 35.

5 Reasons You Should Choose Hanse 445 For Your Sailing Holiday With Family and Friends

Marin @Danielis - January 25, 2017.

5 Reasons You Should Choose Hanse 445 For Your Sailing Holiday With Family and Friends in Croatia

1. Choose starting date
2. Select cruise duration
2. Select cruise duration