Atlantic Crossing

Marin @Danielis - March 24, 2021.

In this article we have one of our great 'globe'-skippers Marko Gomez Karadza, writing about his sailing experiences of Atlantic crossing. Marko has been loved by our clients, provided many safe and interesting sailing holidays for our guests, and is available for hire in summer season in Croatia.

The weirdest looking Super Yachts

Marin @Danielis - December 19, 2020.

We got used to seeing elegant white yachts cruising the seas, and we took their ‘classic design’ for granted.

Biograd Boat Show 2020

Marin @Danielis - December 16, 2020.

The promoters of 22nd nautical fair Biograd Boat Show were lucky enough to, despite the challenging situation with global health crisis, hold the manifestation in the end.

Top 8 lighthouses for your sailing holiday in Croatia in 2021

Marin @Danielis - June 17, 2020.

You decided that you are spending your sailing holiday in Croatia so by now you probably have a wishlist long as the Adriatic coast and we don't blame you. Croatia truly is a spectacular sailing destination and if you're feeling up for a summer treasure hunt, pack your spears, you're heading to the right place.

Off Shore Champions of Italia

Marin @Danielis - December 05, 2019.

The winner of this regatta takes a title Italian Off-Shore Champion.

Danielis Yachting Skipper Training 2019.

Marin @Danielis - February 10, 2019.

Want to learn how to sail or just polish your sailing skills? Join the most affordable Skipper Training course in Trogir, Croatia! Learn more!

Round Long Island Race 2018

Ana Marija @Danielis - November 05, 2018.

We are proud to present and inform you about a sympatic sailing success from our team members. A team formed by Fabijan Roic, a young, rising sailing star of Croatia together with Danijel Razi, CEO of Danielis Yachting has won the Round Long Island Race, a more or less off-shore regatta which started in 2014.

Danielis TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2018!

Marin @Danielis - May 30, 2018.

We are proud to announce that we, as a company Danielis Yachting have been rewarded with another Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor for 2018.

Amazing Catamaran booking deals for July 2018!

Marin @Danielis - May 23, 2018.

For all of you who still didn’t find a perfect boat for your 2018 summer sailing adventure

Where to Party in Croatia When Sailing: Guide to the Top 10 Croatia Summer Festivals

Marin @Danielis - September 14, 2017.

Which festivals should you plan to catch while you are on your Croatian charter vacation? Here are 10 experiences you simply cannot miss!

10 Reasons To Set Sail for Island Ugljan on Your Croatian Sailing Holiday

Marin @Danielis - July 11, 2017.

Ugljan is a place where mass tourism yet hasn’t taken over, so you can enjoy your peace and solitude in peace, away from the noise and the crowds. The island is crisscrossed with numerous pathways leading to vantage points where one can find peace and harmony whilst admiring the view.

The Ultimate Guide For Experiencing The Magic Of Croatian Islands

Marin @Danielis - May 16, 2017.

Looking for Ideas on where to spend your summer holidays? Let us give you a little taste of the magic that still lies scattered across the coast of Croatia. Read on and prepare yourself to experience it yourself.

5 Tourist traps to Watch out for in Croatia

Marin @Danielis - May 07, 2017.

Croatia has just recently started to gain world renown which it deserves and has become one of the most sought holiday destinations in Europe. It is a small country but differs in geographical and cultural characteristics wildly. From flat plains of Slavonia to the mountainous ranges of Lika all the way to the numerous...

Top 5 Locations to Take Instagram Photos on Your Sailing Holiday

Marin @Danielis - May 07, 2017.

It there are no photos than it didn’t happen! This statement holds true especially for holidays, so if you’re coming to spend the warm days of summer sailing along the Croatian coast come armed with a camera or a smartphone to capture the ethereal beauty of the place!

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